1.  Why should I choose Vocal Interventions Lessons?  At Vocal Interventions Lessons, we provide high quality vocal training. We work with your specifications to give you the best vocal performance prescription that best fits you or your vocal development and needs.

2.  How do I schedule lessons?   You can schedule lessons throughout  the year. Call or send us an email at vocalinterventions@gmail.com, or sign up online. We will get back to you within one business day. During our first phone call, we’ll set up an interview and evaluation, the experience of the student (i.e. beginner, etc.), the time availability for lessons, and other particulars so we can to determine the details of the vocal performance prescription track that best suits your needs. You can usually have a lesson scheduled within 7 days or sooner!

3.  Do you offer free introductory lessons?  No.  We do offer a FREE 20-min evaluation and interview.  This gives you the opportunity to meet James and see if Vocal Interventions lessons will work for you. After your evaluation, you will be required to pay the approved vocal performance prescription rate at the first lesson.

4.  How long are the lessons? Lessons are available in 60-minute sessions. 30 minute lessons are available for younger and/or beginners while 60 minute lessons are appropriate for older children and adults. Lessons are given once a week or as prescribed by James in preparation for a performance or audition.

5.  Is the lesson always on the same day?  In terms of scheduling a session with James, the lesson time and day should be kept consistent. If you have to change the day on an occasion, please consult with James directly.

6.  Do you have a lesson cancellation policy?  We have a 24 hour/ One day lesson cancellation policy. If you inform James at least 24 hours/ One day before the scheduled lesson, you won’t be charged for the lesson and will be eligible for a make-up session. You will be charged a $25 cancellation fee, if you cancel in less than 24 hours/ One Day.

7.  What about Holidays, bad weather, or illness? Lessons won’t be charged if James is unavailable and cannot get to the studio due to personal performances away or if he is ill. If the student is ill, the 24 hours cancellation policy applies. Lessons can be scheduled around holiday and vacation breaks. Speak with James in advance to schedule lessons around vacations and holidays.

8.  How much do lessons cost? Currently lesson rates are $25 per 1/2 hour  for younger children (ages 7-14) and $55 per hour for older children (15+) and adults.  Also note that there is a one time $15.00 registration fee per family for administration fees.

9.  How are lessons paid for?  Lessons are prepaid directly to Vocal Interventions or James White by check, cash or PayPal online. (Please Note there is a $2.00 surcharge for using PayPal.)   You will be billed weekly and payments are due at the time of service.  You do have the option, if you  prefer to be pay for the full month of lessons each month. Other payment schedules are possible, talk with James, if other arrangements need to be made.

10.  Is there a lesson cancellation policy? Yes, students have a 24-hour cancellation notice before being subject to the full terms of the cancellation policy. For emergencies call ASAP to notify the administrative office. If a student wants to be removed from the Vocal Interventions Program as a courtesy, we ask that you give a two week notice. We cannot provide a refund if lessons are cancelled midway through a lesson cycle.  Only prepaid sessions will be rescheduled for make up.  

11.  How do we track lessons? Vocal Interventions  Lessons tracks lessons are completed on a monthly basis.

12.  Do you offer lessons in my private home? Yes, but there will be an additional $15 premium added to the hourly rate.  Additional charges may apply homes or studios with pets.

13.  Studio Hours  - Our studio hours are between 10 am - 7pm on Mondays.  From 9 am- 11am on Tuesday, Thursdays. Special Appointments are accepted on Saturdays. Please do not hesitate to call us regarding your lessons and/ or questions/suggestions. We would love to hear from you! If you leave a message, we will get back to you within the next business day or sooner.




Students are responsible for the purchase of their music books, sheet music, rehearsal and accompaniment CD’s.


Music Manners:

1. Students are not allowed to chew gum, food or drinks in their lesson. Bottled water is permitted.

2. Students will be on time for their lesson.  If you are late, you are still responsible for the full session rate.

3. Young children must be supervised if waiting for a sibling. Parents are responsible for any damage to equipment and/or merchandise that may occur.

4.  Students may log into the site under their user name and password to access their practice logs and notes.


Student Agreement:

Parents and/or student at the time of your first lessons will be required to sign our student agreement form which contains the same information on this page.