Vocal Interventions - James White (CEO/Vocal Coach)

"Transforming Average Voices Into Cutting Edge Vocals." 

James White - CEO/ Executive Vocal Coach of Vocal Interventions.  James is an alumni vocalist for Epcot Center’s “Voices of Liberty”, which is a premiere 8-part a capella vocal ensemble.   James’ experiences include performing in thousands of shows, numerous special groups, and numerous recordings as a featured soloist and/or background singer. Over the past 25 years, James has served as a Worship Architect, Worship Pastor and/or Worship Leader for some very prominent churches across America.  Consulting private vocal clients has been a passion for a very long time.  James’ focus has been geared to equipping vocalists that range from novice to professional with special vocal skills that will enable them to sing with ease, clarity, power, consistency, and increase vocal range.  His technique uses practical techniques fused with innovative options to transform the average singer into the exceptional singer.  Vocal Interventions was created to help singers achieve their maximum vocal performance levels while maintaining proper vocal care.  Vocal Interventions offers you honest feedback about your singing performance abilities and recommends steps toward achieving your performance goals. Because every vocalist is different in ability and genre, Vocal Prescriptions are custom made and not just "cookie cutter".  Whatever genre or style you use, Vocal Interventions has a solution for you!  Vocal Interventions – non-traditional systematic vocal strategies that will transform any singer from average to a "cutting edge" vocalist in a very short time! The length of study will depend primarily on the singer's ability to the master the techniques prescribed at each performance or rudimentary level.  Let Vocal Interventions take you to your best level of vocal precision.

Call or Register TODAY for your FREE  No Obligation Personal Vocal Performance Evaluation & Interview at www.jwhite.musicteachershelper.com   Or Call James at (919) 537- 9523 or (513) 222-2431.  

Private On-Site Training Is Recommended if you live in the Savannah area. SKYPE sessions are available at vocalinterventions. 

Session times available for all singers, ministers, teachers, public speakers, and individuals seeking to enhance their vocal performances.